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This is a cheat.

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This is me cheating, because I am fed up with seeing my signature have such a stupid bloody phrase in it, and I'm fed up with knowing that my last post was just a drunken ramble.

I've got 3 more articles coming soon, and those are just the ones I already know about wink.gif so if I can get some time tomorrow at work (quiet Saturday, pweeeeeaaaase!!!) and I can maybe get some photos too (which one of the little articles really requires) then I should be able to flood you all with yet more nonsensical whimsy and oblique referrals to things that may or may not be worth referring too.


So there tongue.gif



Edited bit: Oh okay, you got me, I just couldn't stand being the third blog down from the top of the page for more than a coupla days tongue.gifbiggrin.gif In appropriate news, then:


A very warm welcome to both Guinness and Shard, friends in blogging we shall be, although I wont be able to shoot Shard in the knees like I can in real life devil.gif tee hee..


So yeah, very happy to see they've both joined and particularly happy to see that, thanks to Guinness, I aint the only silly old fool who can prattle about airsofty stuff for 750+ words in one go smile.gif



Its all good. Back soon.... wink.gif

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It is in your best interests to not keep reminding me of that, or I'll be designating you test guinea pig to the squeal production of an MP5K on a 9.6v at the next GZ skirm I attend tongue.gif

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