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Its all about me, you see.

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Wow didn't I have a great weekend? Well did I? Well yes I did. Well, I'll just talk to myself for the next few hours shall I? Hmm yeah I an see where this is going - straight to that section of society to whom the word `sectioned` is best applied.

Probably best to share, then -


I've been going climbing every week with this girl called Sarah, for a few months now; we actually went to school together but practically never spoke at that time, we bumped into each other at the start of the Summer last year at a club and got chatting, got on well, kept meeting up and then started climbing together. You can see where this is heading, right? wink.gif


Well we get on really well, for months now we've had some of the most interesting and involved conversations I ever have, and to top it all off we're sharing interests and goddamn, she is pretty. I mean really pretty, and she's been an athlete since she was in school and has been doing yoga for years, and is a holistic therapist (read: masseuse or massage therapist but without any dodgy connotations, thank you so very much) and also without the drippy hippy nonsense - What more could a guy want?


She is simply amazing, and thank God, Satan, Seven-Handed-Sek or any other imaginary beard-in-the-sky who (for some reason) has a really benevolent interest in my existence, the feeling is most emphatically mutual. Funny how things turn out though, because we've had the same idea in mind for months but I was resigned to just being a lonely, grumpy ###### for the rest of eternity laugh.gif until I pulled my finger out:-

we went climbing last Thursday, went out clubbing together last Friday and it all came out and we worked out that what we wanted was rather excellently compatible, then went ice skating and drinking (in that order wink.gif ) on Saturday with loads of her mates for her Birthday, went back to my place on Sat night and ...... didn't sleep biggrin.gifpunk.gif

..ah yes, the cheesy punk rock smiley, time to roll that one out again biggrin.gif


Spent almost all day together on Sunday (not getting a great deal of rest then either wink.gif ) although she left early to pack ......


..... because she's going off to India for 6 damned months, on a yoga teacher's course. Gutted. Positively bloody disembowelled, in fact, but they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Wondering how hopelessly romantic/pathetic/cool it would be to go out there after 4 months or so to see her...? We shall see.



So I have good things and bad things going on, the better of the good things is that I've got together with this amazing girl, the better of the bad things is that she's happy and doing something she really wants to do even if it does mean she's over there for so damn long.


Of the actual bad things I can have almost no genuine account due to the smiley, rosy, irritatingly smug glow in my head thanks to all-things-Sarah, apart from the mild terror I'm feeling that she might change so much in these months as to think `we` are a bad idea, or some hectic evil such as that. I must just be paranoid however; things don't ever go quite as well as they have been for me, so I'm feeling like the world is about to smack me in the face with a metaphorical frying pan!! laugh.gif




And in the vein of some vague airsoftishness I have to say that I'm kinda p***ed off with the new toys I will soon be getting, or rather, with the fact that I have a load of awesomely cool stuff on it's way to me that is rare as hell, but it has to cost me sooooo much money when all put together.

What I had was a plan to save money this year like crazy.

What I actually have now is a succession of expensive orders and items on their way to me, pretty much wiping me out financially for the 4th week in a row, that I hadn't properly planned for and, while very glad to have, are all rather inconvenient when paid for all at the same time.


Although the wood furniture for an M1100 revision/Defender is extremely nice to have, many thanks to hardboiledcop. Shame I don't have either of those guns yet mind you laugh.gif And then there is the matter of a rare little item another fellow forumite is very kindly attempting to procure on my behalf... to reveal any further details would be telling, but suffice to say its something I had totally given up on and the prospect of finally getting my hands on one, despite the mutli-hundred££s cost, is too tempting to resist...


... and then there is the £150 Amazon.co.uk order that I totally forgot about. Damn bastards have been telling me my card was being declined every 2 days now for over a fortnight, then all of a sudden it goes through when I least expect it and BAM!! I have 8 new DVDs including the definitive Spaced collection, but am rather the poorer for it!


And I'm sure I ordered just the one MARPAT holster from eHobbyAsia, but, upon actually looking into my drunken adventure on eBay, it turns out I also wanted an Aimpoint replica and another large battery. Apparently.



Shard will remember this better than I; well, here's to the night before Christmas, Dave, and another £70 gone from my account rofl.gif


And driving lessons aren't getting any cheaper either... oh well. I just hope this karmic offsetting means my beautiful new girlfriend feels the same way in 6 months as she did this last weekend. For that I could happily put up with poverty and inconvenience until she gets back.


C'est la vie indeed...

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It is my duty to make you spend your money tongue.gif


Sounds like the hippy lifestyle is particularly good at the moment then biggrin.gif

Good stuff !

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