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Krylon is go !



That’s right, soon my VSR will once again be krylon coated and at a state where it is almost finished - I’d say it is about 80% complete at the moment.


Having given up with dpmhi due to email contact issues and their being out of stock of both OD & khaki krylon for some time, Airsoft World (*albatross*) had my custom and four cans of krylon are currently winging their way to me courtesy of next day postage.


The choices I now have to make are a bit more tricky, namely whether or not to paint the stock or the entire rifle, but also how the hell to go about it. My past paint jobs were nice and had some positive comments & recognition both on the forums and also from players at GZ, but were in honesty pretty basic and certainly nothing that special or exciting. I have a few ideas, but time is limited at the moment. All I can say really is watch this space, when it is sorted photos will be up!


In other airsoft news I now have two G&P MP5 midcaps for my ‘K. I was a little wary of their midcaps after the less than stellar performance of the M16 mags (Both standard & thermold style) I once had. These are however excellent, feeding perfectly from the go and also have a very attractive blued / silvery finish too. The build quality is similarly good, being nice and solid. If you need some MP5 mags I’d recommend them, especially as from GnG they are only 110HKD (£7) each. I expect my next order will probably have a couple more on it biggrin.gif


Yesterday was a good day too in that it was my 21st. It was a pretty quiet day, but one that made me a few hundred quid richer. Currently that money is going in the bank while I decide what to do with it. First thoughts were for an MP3 player of some sort (Though not an Ipod because I really don’t like I tunes), but a new car is going to at some point be on the books in the next 8 months. With a few hundred ready to go, it seems as good a time as any to begin saving up for one. Now I just have to cull the desire for another airsoft gun or many, many accessories while that money sits there unused tongue.gif



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