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Complete Turnaround.

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Okay I jumped the gun on the girl, major, major, major bummer. Things are totally up for debate when she gets back and unfortunately this makes me a sad hippy. *fruitcage* dreadful behaviour on my part assuming things were all sweetness and light even after a six-month break, so..... things they are a-changing, namely: I'm selling my entire collection and going off to see a bit of the world on the proceeds myself. Avoiding India completely wink.gif


So how the hell do I sell over a hundred airsoft guns? Well I guess the first thing to do would be to start by listing what it is I've actually got, something I've not done for a while (since I had about 60 I think) so yeah, major upheaval in camp 'hippy although I must say it has been on my mind for some time.


I mean; a dream is a dream, right, and once you've acheived that you a] no longer have the unrealised challenge of that dream and b] you have to take account of what that dream has cost you. In my case it has cost a hell of a lot of time, money, missed social engagements and suchlike stuff and in a weird way I resent my huge armoury and would be glad to see it go.


I mean I'll keep a couple of AEGs and a pistol or two for skirmishing, but thats all anyone actually needs because, lets be frank here, anything more than that is bordering on an obsession.

And I have been really quite obsessed.


So without any further ado I do hereby state that I am getting out of airsoft, mostly, and definitely getting the hell out of this goddamned frosty-*albatross* wind-ridden country as soon as I possibly can - if anyone wants to make me an offer on anything they know I've got then please do so, I will consider anything reasonable.


And until I can list properly everything I want to sell I'm just gonna have to sit on this blog entry and see if anyone wants to buy my whole collection for £9000 because thats the asking price for the whole lot (hint hint hint biggrin.gif )


Seeing as it cost me about £16000 and is still worth at least £12000 I think thats a pretty damned good price, actually ....



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Nutter, but as you say it was on the list of possibilities for a while.

I might have to pay ya a visit to have a chat this week somewhen mate smile.gif

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hippy am closing???!





oh, btw, when your out and about and find yourself in my neck of the woods, let me, that offer i made you a long time ago, still stands wink.gif

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Hehehe thanks dude you may come to regret that some day wink.gifbiggrin.gif Wasn't planning on being in Europe very much mind you, but I may actually make a point of hooking up with some people from Arnies now that you mention it...


..another thing for me to consider. Thanks again for the kind offer dude!

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