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Airsoft ?



So yeah, things have been a little slack on the blog update front after the initial flurry. That sparseness comes mainly courtesy of exam revision taking up a fair amount of my time over the last week (and set to do so for the next few days) before the last one this coming Tuesday. As usual it has been precisely 0% fun, but it has to be done and 2/3 over and sorted isn’t all that bad.


Airsoft/beer token wise, next week should technically be the end of the temp job contract I started back on November 7th last year. An extension was granted on the 14th of this month, so that has given me a couple more weeks wages than was expected, as always more money = good stuff. Even better, the Inland Revenue finally sorted my tax code out properly, so hopefully the next (and possibly last) pay from this job won’t get taxed this time round, and the cash they did take should be on the way back to me biggrin.gif


Either way, it is a big fingers crossed the job continues. Not only as I seem to have ever growing desires to actually try and save some cash for a nice car by the end of uni, but also as a few hundred quid a month is enough to save up a worthy amount, and still spend a bit without feeling too guilty.


More importantly, Drake has at last received the EI MP5K holster special order so us lucky owners that got in on the action will soon have a very cosy home for our ‘K or PDW. I’m certainly awaiting it eagerly, and it might well give me an excuse to go have a skirmish, 2 months since the last one at GZ is 2 months too many.


A quick reminder too – check out EH's Armoury Clearout Sale and see if you can pick up a bargain.

Lots of cool stuff that you can’t easily get hold of over here (Will eventually be listed) too, so it is well worth a peek!

Just go easy on him, they're on sale purely for cash in the lack of other options not because he doesn't want them anymore, so don't get too cheeky on the haggling wink.gif


I expect I’ll be able to muster some more interesting and airsoft related things soon tongue.gif


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