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Its gone 3:30am, and I have decided that insurance grouping & actual quotes for me are seemingly completely random to one another.


2.0 Primera GT more to insure than a 2.8 Golf VR6 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?


Someone out there is having a giraffe !


Airsoft type stuff posted soon.


That is all.




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Drinks 'n' Dances indeed - hey I just thought of a really tenuously worked-out euphemism, yay!!! I could invent my own weird kind cockney-slang-style language based on this kinda thing, but yeah anyway - dude that is *u*king f*c*ed.

Man, I'll be doing the same exact thing soon, well, after I fail my first driving test tomorrow, then probably pass another one in about a month, so yeah I should be also revelling in the joys of automotive inconsistency and the glorious act of paying people thousands of pounds a year to not have an expensive accident wacko.gif


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Hehe, I think my urges to have any sort of half decent performing car are fast going bye bye in favour of something less pricey, which will leave me more £££ for other things.


And there was me hoping to at least get a car that could do 0-60mph in 10 seconds or under sad.gif


On the plus side, it is now official that I shall become a permanently employed PC world chappy, so I shall have a secure income for a while now. That'll help run any car and also allow me to save some cash too which is cool biggrin.gif


How did the test go buddy ?!

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