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Im selling some things, please buy them !



Help me boost car buying funds, buy stuff I’m selling biggrin.gif


Accu-shot BT04 Monopod


TAS (PPM) Medial First-aid Pouch (MFP) in OD


Nothing like a little bit of advertising, not that I doubt my blog is holding much of your attention tongue.gif


In all seriousness though, if anyone is interested in buying either, it would be most handy. The reason in a bit more detail being, I am currently looking at a particular car. I was reasonably content with looking at the SE version. A limited edition then popped up on autotrader in my price range looking extra shiny and nice (God I'm such a ###### for blatant marketing ploys that offer even a little bit of uniqueness). One phone call later and sadly I found it had already been sold, cue unhappy face.


I then managed to find a local garage to go have a test drive yesterday morning, believing it would be in an SE. I arrived to find it was none other than one of the limited editions. This one was sadly well out of my budget, but there are some out there which would be plausible to afford if I can raise a few hundred quid more than my current funds. Keep your eyes open, if my need gets greater but the number in my bank account doesn't, other parts off my lovely VSR and from my airsoft related stuff might start appearing soon !


Oh, and if anyone is interested in a pair of Cobra Monaco S race seats, a pair of Luke 3 point harnesses (in red), a pair of subframes for said seats to fit a Mini (old type, not the new BMW ones), or any combo of the above 3 items, please gimme a shout tongue.gif


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