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Lining up for disappointment ?



Today has been a bit different to usual.


For starters I didn't stay in bed until sometime in the later hours of the afternoon, a rarity for me as I am very much the anti morning person. A lack of lectures on a Friday now really does encourage this.


I took a trip to the bank, and took out £500.

I then took a trip to the post office, and took out £2k. (Cue an odd look at the PO lady and a polite request for an envelope when she went to hand 100 20's bundled but otherwise uncontained across the counter to me).


I then headed homeward with what is certainly the most cash I have handled in a physical form, of my own property, so far in my life. It is surprising how carrying a wedge that large in your pocket makes you feel very much like you'll be ready to fight to the death with any ###### who might try to get them off you tongue.gif


It is in a way quite weird that something which essentially comes down to a wad of coloured paper with a few numbers and digits, can get you so many things in life much more meaningful and useful than the paper you buy it with. Also that it causes so many problems in life too, that could very well not maybe ever even happen had it not come to exist in the first place. Bring back haggling and trading of goods I say - I'll give you two hundred turkeys (without HN51) for your baby panda in a push chair biggrin.gif


I'll admit I am quite excited. Having apparently missed the chance to get exactly the car I wanted, rather than sort of making do with something else, to my surprise a standard daily auto trader trawl spied it relisted, and some £200 cheaper to boot.


One phone call later, and I have been informed it is not currently under offer - good stuff.


I know from past times that getting excited about things before they happen is one way of setting yourself up for a major helping of ###### off when things, inevitably, go tits up. I realise that isn't necessarily the most optimistic outlook on things, but I've found if there is a way, things generally get stuck in and do stuff you over. I go to view the car tomorrow pending getting through today without a phone call from the seller telling me someone nabbed it.


Fingers crossed all goes well, because come Monday, hopefully 2 1/2 grand lighter and one lovely car heavier, I'll be grinning like a madman and likely being the most chuffed I've been in quite some time.


Oh, and airsoft related, the EI holster for my MP5K turned up today.


Two words for it


Pure Sex

If ever there was an advertisement for the benefits and quality of rs gear, this was it.

£50 well spent !




Drake, your effort was very worthwhile - top class mate.


Sadly, another item from the US is currently stuck in the system of paper work ###### that is the customs charge code release procedure of Parcel Farce. Don't even get me started....


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