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Bingo !



Now there's a surprise - not.


As predicted, today the idea of buying the car I was all excited about went down the poop chute.


To keep it brief, the car was not what the dealer said it was. I told him this, which was at first met with a flat "you are wrong". After a little back and forward "oh no it isn’t" / "oh yes it is" type banter, I finished with me explaining it wasn't and explaining why.


Anyhoo, I left somewhat ###### off that we drove ~70miles to find that out, but to be fair the guy evidently didn't actually know the difference between what he thought he had, and what it actually was. Hopefully the ad will be revised now, and further potential buyers won't encounter the same mistake as I did.


On the plus side for today, I went to look at a local '92 plate prelude this afternoon. Admittedly it isn't as new or shiny as the Hyundai, but for a 15-year-old car it is remarkably clean for the most part. As a Honda, it is also pretty dead cert as bombproof, so there isn’t much in the way of reliability issues to be concerned with.

There are just the minor details of settling a cambelt change as part of the potential deal and a tyre / wheel related quirk (Old, unusual sized tyre / wheel = limited choice) , and I might well have myself a car biggrin.gif


and finally:


My US inbound airsoft related parcel is at last free of customs, complete with charges. Only another week or so until I receive the charge release code by carrier frog then rolleyes.gif


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Arf! I knew my amphibian schemes to mutate an army of transport/battle frogs into razor-clawed emissaries of street justice and daily newspapers would one day bear fruit - ahahahahahahaha!!!


Errm, yeah .....


Harsh about the car though man, some people are a little too ignorant for everyone else's liking sometimes, but at least you didn't have to get one and then be subjected to my `amusing` anecdotes about how spacious the back seat is; there's a girl (probably thousands of 'em) out there who knows exactly how much you can get away with in a parked-up Hyundai Coupe rofl.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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