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Airsoft, money & cars - me likey !



Could it get much better. (Well yes of course it always could, the bikini clad ladies, mansion and grove of money trees are still absent, but read on.)


The first of my recent spends on airsoft gear funded from my VSR sales arrived today.


Once again the legend that is eHobby Asia delivers in times that are more than impressive given the cheap postage costs involved. 3 more G&P MP5 mids now make me all ready to rock for skirmishing the K in the coming weeks, when I will hopefully either be down GZ at least once, or up to Phoenix end of March. New tac gear is also enroute from the US in the form of a TT Mav 2 piece, plus X harness, a load of spare malice clips & 2 TT double MP5 mag pouches. Shame US orders seem to take for ever to get here as of late, but I guess they aren’t just jumping out of the door onto the nearest plane as fast as things from HK. I'm getting spoilt by all the fast deliveries from there I think laugh.gif


In addition I just got ~£230 quid cash in hand this morning, thanks to selling my Cobra bucker seats & associated out of the old mini on ebay. They were god damn nice, but not of any use to me in the new car, which to be honest has pretty nice seats itself. Fair play to the buyer too, they came up from Penzance in Cornwall to get them but they seemed happy with it all biggrin.gif. Even with my seriously dodgy looking hand written receipt and about the worse signature I've ever signed !


I also got paid yesterday which plus the sales of VSR parts mean my bank account is looking quite healthy for a change. The temptation to go crazy on new shiny items is very strong, as it always is for any serious airsofter that has apparently got spare cash, but then that would go against the reason I sold the VSR in the first place.


It is a nice sunny day, and I will finally be going to pick up my new car this afternoon too. After a few little issues with the dealer during the week mainly centred around some nice big chips in the headlights, I've managed to sort the spare parts myself through a car forum thankfully. Next week will probably consist of getting those fitted, along with replacing the stereo cassette with a CD head unit. It has to be said I'm still a little dubious of placing headlight units worth £170 a piece in an oven to melt the glue and allow me to remove the lenses, but that is how it is best done apparently. I just hope they end up better than my cooking efforts laugh.gif One things for sure, I'm going to have a week of swearing and multi cut / bruised hands I expect. The result will be so worth it though.


Once again I reckon uni work won't be getting the deserved attention. I did get a 2/1 average for the first semester though, even when I expected much worse from one module and achieved a 56% in it, so I'm not so worried that I can't keep up or do alright in the courses left. Best of all I won't have to get up at stupid o' clock on a Monday morning to make lectures for 9am. Having nearly died the last two weeks my alarm went off at pre 6am, getting up at 7 will seem a luxury, as will not getting a train back from work at 11pm at night biggrin.gif


Now I just have to resist buying those alloys & tyres for the Prelude tongue.gif


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