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Contradiction ; Busy & Lazy



Well, it has been a while since I made an entry after the regular updates, time for another!


I have now been enjoying my new motor for a couple of weeks.

A 1992 K reg Honda Prelude 2.0i. I'll get some pics when I have an opportunity to take them in a decent place and not look like a total ###### doing it. I love my car but some people just don't understand hehe.


It ain't no VTEC sadly, but it still shifts its nice looking *albartroth* and doesn't cost another few hundred quid on the insurance premium. Amusingly so far it is also probably beating the petrol consumption of my old 1275gt mini, I guess that’s a good advert for the modern tech in engines and all the efficiency etc they have biggrin.gif


I have also resisted driving it like a loon, most of the time, so that probably helps tongue.gif

I couldn't resist getting a few toys for it, though I obviously have excuses for them.


A set of JBL components as the stock speakers were blown all round. We can't have a complete lack of a sound system to drive anywhere now can we.


A replacement leather gear gaiter & alu gear knob, both OEM Jap Honda parts. The stock gear gaiter had a great big hole and was looking pretty tatty, the gear knob attached to the gear gaiter in a crappo way and was itself looking past it. Oh, and the new bits served to brighten the interior a tad.


Oh and some clear repeaters, only because I'm a muppet for little details and orange on white never does it for me, next stop the front lenses when I can be arsed to fork out on them, quite pricey in comparison to the repeaters.


I also foolishly made enquiries about having the stock alloys refurb'ed, maybe in a different colour to snazz them up a bit too. I'm now dangerously tempted as it would work out cheaper than some aftermarket set, and they aren't all that bad looking really anyway.


I at last made a VERY overdue start on my dissertation work. It is due 26th April, but hey, better late than never. My appearance at the NOC on Monday morning certainly triggered some sarky comments from my supervisor, so I'm certainly well inside the stupidly late to start bracket. Heres to another 4 weeks of working my *albartroth* of to getting it done. I don't think I have ever spent so much time in a lab in 3 years of uni!


Airsoft wise, things have been happening, but small and not particularly significant. Quite restrained in fact, not bad being nearly my whole VSR has now sold, and I managed not to spend all the proceeds on things to replace it laugh.gif


New purchases over the past 3 weeks or so include:


TT MAV + X harness

A bundle of malice clips

2 TT MP5 mag doubles

G&P aimpoint

Cheapo MP5 scope mount

PDi 120 spring


and in a shock move against my love for flecktarn


1 bulle marpat shirt & boonie

Propper inc marpat trousers


The camo change came not only from procrastinating about new camo and marpat specifically for about 10 months now, but also as I'm fed up of being a lanky ###### and having my BDU's flapping about my knees somewhere. I spotted some genuine (apparently) marpat bdu's on fleabay in uber long leg size, and cleared out the change in my paypal account. They have yet to arrive though, so fingers crossed they do, as I might be up to Phoenix this weekend if nothing puts a spanner in the works, and it'd be nice to try the new gear out all together. The Bulle shirt in a quick mini review is from a quick shifty over it well designed and decently made if a little iffy on some stitching. Certainly not bad as far as replica camo goes and certainly good value for money smile.gif


Shame the boonie isn't to my particular tastes, I'll get a replica MICH or maybe an HSGI ballcap instead somewhen. If anyone fancies the boonie off me make me an offer, its woodland btw.




and I would appear to be randomly waffling off on one, time to stop.

...another update to look forward to (or is that too optimistic of me) when I can be arsed, I'm not going to lie to you biggrin.gif


* 743 words. I hope writing the 10000 for my dissertation comes as easy!


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