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Worthy of the cash ? - You bet !



Why the hell didn't I buy one of these earlier?!


Of course, I probably don't need to tell those of you that already own a dremel how good or useful they are, but if you are a fan of modding etc this is the tool you need. It kicks the *albartroth* off hand tools for speed, flexibility and ease of use.


It'll take me a while to learn the skills (It's been a few years since I used tools back at GCSE resistant materials!) but I can now have a proper go at fitting this CA metal body for the MP5K. Mainly out of principal I've had it sat on the shelf for 4 months now bugging me that I can't make use of it. So far I've managed to get the 9.6v battery to fit in the body when assembled, and pretty nicely too.


Now comes the mission that is getting the two halves to fit as best they can. As per an earlier blog entry this was one particularly poor area of this mbk. I also now need to make the mag well actually take mags (That currently isn’t actually possible it is so tight), and also enlarge the hole for the inner barrel, which I noticed doesn't actually pass through the bloody hole left for it rolleyes.gif I’m sure there will be other niggles here and there as I go through converting the ‘K.


Updates as I do the work, maybe with pics if I can be arsed and feel like my level of handiwork won't embarrass me completely against the skills of you more skilled arnies members wink.gif


Full metal MP5K coming soon... hopefully biggrin.gif


Now where is my debit card, I need a few extra dremel bits laugh.gif


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