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Less than enjoyable times



So while it is sunny and altogether a lot more summer like outside, I'm stuck at a PC working away on my dissertation.


Yes, I at last have started the write-up part, which as most will know amounts to 10,000 words. Practical stuff was finished last week, a few months later than it should have been, but I wasn't the only last minute student in the labs!


Hmm, 10,000 words




I have a week from today to get a full draft written for my supervisor to check & probably destroy my work, ready for the final deadline on the 26th. That’s a fair mission, perhaps even mission impossible in some aspects. It can be said I do not at all relish the idea of it all, but *beep* has hit the fan and now my lazy bout earlier on this year when work could have been done means it is back to claim its pound of flesh. Cue the next 7 days being pure work work work if I want any chance of handing something worthwhile in. Even then I doubt "worthwhile" will be applicable, but it is worth a try huh.


I'll certainly be ordering some airsoft related reward when this month is over!

For the time being multiple chocolate items and some decent music is about all that is keeping me going.


For those maybe interested, I have also managed to fit the CA metal body in little breaks from work here and there, and while it wasn't ever going to be perfect from day 1, it isn't too bad at all really after some severe dremel surgery. The assembled 'K certainly has a nice heft to it now, and feels a bit more solid too.


There are still gaps, and some bits still don't fit or operate smoothly 100% but hey, when you start off with *beep* and polish it, it is still *beep* albeit shiny laugh.gif I'll get some pics up when it is properly finished, it needs a few little bits still.


Anyway, back to work for an hour before dinner and off to paid employment...oh yes

Oh, if you are reading this EH, I'm not at all jealous of your current situation, you ######. Catch you for a beer soon bud wink.gif


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whistling.gif all I can say is: serves ya right ya poxy student!!! tongue.gif

Last few years I've been working 55+ hours a week, and managing to be a full-time alcoholic as well, now you know what it's like to be busy busy busy! tee hee hee

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