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Huh ? Where did 10 days go...



As is often said, time flies when you are having fun.


The thing is, I'm really not having fun currently, and it is still rapidly passing by without me really noticing from one day to the next. The dissertation is due in 6 days time (probably technically almost 5 by the time I finish writing this) and today my 1st draft got a little ripped apart. I’m all for constructive criticism and the benefits of being told what to do to get a better mark, but my god when a fair few hours work gets slated, it isn't too uplifting. Still, hopefully after this weekend I'll be back on track for next Thursday's deadline.


In other news I'm royally ###### off with my MP5K. One day, it looks as though my hard work in getting the CA metal body to fit, getting the 9.6v battery to fit, getting my scope mount through from HK and just generally on the verge of having a badass MP5K were nearly complete.


Then without warning and while just handling the gun while fitting the scope mount, the left side of the f######g cocking tube area only just f######g imploded. Superb, there goes the metal body. That is unless a gaping big hole along the front left of the gun is your idea of "unique" styling.


Frankly, with that I took the piece of turd off, and refitted the TM body. I'll enjoy using the dremel I bought just to fit that b####d thing when I cut it into little tiny pieces and bin it some when later. Really people, regardless of my previous post that showed a degree of positivity towards the CA MP5K metal body, stay clear of it.


Just to reinforce that


Stay the hell away from the CA MP5K metal body

- It is no where near a straight fit out the box

- It is badly cast, both regarding detail and dimensions

- It is weak

- It is tradeless

- It is badly finished

- It is no where near worthy of $76 or more (!) of your money

- It is, as an "upgrade", (suggestive; improved part) laughable

- It is the worse airsoft item I've ever purchased

- It is a joke that CA can re release / re produce something that was recognised as *beep*

the first time around, and not make ANY effort it improve that.


Erm yeah, that'll do, I could go on but what's the use, I'm sure you get the point.

I seriously think that whoever took measurements for the MBK didn't use a ruler, but their finger, and hadn't actually even ever seen an MP5K for reference purposes or otherwise.


It must be said my current impression of the quality of airsoft kit isn't stellar.

Hey ho, least I have my little MP7 faithfully serving me with no hassle at all.



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