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Watch this (or rather THAT) space!



My recent real-steel experience inspired a bit of a revival in my enthusiasm for airsoft and I've picked up a few new items to review.


First off, I got a Tanaka SIG P226 - Having just fired a real SIG P226 and having seen one of these beauties only once before, it seemed more than coincidence when this appeared for sale on the forum and just down the road from my home, so I had to have it. With a WA Magna Blowback system and HW material, it makes the stock TM gun look rather ordinary, but I'm sure most skirmishers wouldn't give it a second look.


Next up, I saw a Marushin Automag GBB lingering, without interest, on the forum - I succumbed although I suspect this will become a millstone should I decide to move it on. Great looking gun, though and the unusual bolt action is a hoot in GBB form.


I stopped by Elite Airsoft's busy stand (plenty of interest in airsoft still) at Bisley over the weekend, too, and came away with a couple of WE Hi-Capas and a HFC Glock 17 to review as well!


If a deal I have going on comes to fruition (as it should, I've paid) I've also got an AEP M93R coming, but that's for an AI article.


So, if you follow JustPistols at all, you'll find a few new reviews over the coming months, if nothing like the flood that used to follow a batch of WAs from Elite.


Those days are unlikely to ever return, it seems, as WA won't supply Elite (or anyone else outside Japan officially - I guess the HK supplies are grey imports) anymore.


One gun I will definitely be reviewing some time is the TM FN 5-7 GBB - Can't wait for that one - Just hope it's as good as the 1911A1.



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