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Festival fun



So now I've recovered slightly, had my first shower & shave in 5 days, slept for an uninterupted 8 hours in a proper bed & downed a decent meal alongside a drink that wasn't alcoholic - what a *fruitcage* amazing weekend.


For those of you thinking "what's he on about?" I speak of the Isle of Wight festival.


Because I'm feeling lazy, I'll keep things short ish, but needless to say I spent from Thursday afternoon til very very early this morning over there.


Highlights included:


Getting very very drunk (and slightly sunburnt) in lovely sunshine.

Arsing about and generally enjoying the company of a great bunch of people and the awesome atmosphere.

Seeing some amazing performances from the likes of Snow Patrol, Muse, Kasbian and the Rolling Stones.


Plenty of funny and really cool moments and memories, a great way to celebrate ending uni, and I'm left with an awesome impression of my first festival - I'll definitely be attending again next year.


While I'm here, I'm also hoping to get my *albartroth* down to GZ for a much needed airsoft fix this coming Sunday too. Once I rebuild my MP5K's gearbox and probably try and find all my kit which is currently littering my room in various places that is ! Lots to fit in to the next few days as per my previous post !


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