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The end is nigh...



Well, we now have a definitive date for the introduction of the part of the Violent Crime Reduction Act that will forbid the import, manufacture or sale of airsoft replicas (As RIFs) to anyone without a valid defence.


There is a suggestion of a defence for skirmishers, although how it will applied (in terms of will you get an ARU raid and THEN have to spend months getting your stuff back by PROVING you are a skirmisher?) and how it will be defined (Exactly what do the LAW see as a skirmisher?) remain to be seen.


Sadly, whatever the aftermath of this legislation for regular skirmishers, it will mark the end of my involvement in airsoft.


I won't take to the weeds in camouflage every weekend (or even once a month), just to risk an ARU on my doorstep when I fancy trying out the latest GBB from WA or TM.


It's a ######, but frankly I'd rather bid farewell than have that kind of hassle, which (of course) is exactly what the Government want.


They're not stupid enough to believe this stupid piece of legislation will prevent gangs in London, Manchester and Nottingham killing each other, but it makes the Daily Mail readers think they are safe in their beds (which they always were, of course). No, the kind of person who wants to kill someone for looking at them the wrong way is beyond the reach (or at least will) of the law and the gun crime stats will continue to rise, because gun culture is engrained in some groups (Banning Gangsta Rap CDs and refusing tossers like 50P entry to the country would have done more to reduce gun crime, but that would be persecuting a minority - Too true! A minority of wankers who think having a gun and using it makes you a man - By definition this cannot be true...)


Anyway, the truth is that this point marks the beginning of the end for me.


I won't disappear overnight, but I'll probably never know how good the TM FN 5-7 is or get to experience the first Chinese made GBB with better QC than a WA, but that's OK, because some retarded chav in Manchester won't wave a toy gun in someone's face to frighten them...


No, they'll get a proper bloody knife and stab them instead....


VCRA - The law IS an *albatross*!



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There are a few in the pipeline still smile.gif


Maybe I'll be able to find a method of working with skirmishers to review their guns, who knows?



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There are a few in the pipeline still :)


Maybe I'll be able to find a method of working with skirmishers to review their guns, who knows?



that is what I am having to do at the moment.. review guns of other people.. I mean.. that was how I got that 1911 duel one.


It is a good route to go via, Snowman. Try to see if you can get the gear that is over a year old, and ask for problems/solves as well.


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