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My own blog!



Oooh, a new fangled addition to the website, fun fun fun.


So, after making the choice between Airsoft or a Gaming Computer, i chose Airsoft, which i feel is the right decision.


But after the hard drive crashed on my main computer,.. well, i've been consigned to the laptop until i get a new computer!



Some new clone guns have come unto the market, tempting me to the point of narrowing it down to the Warrior L96, or the A&K M249 MKII,.. both have there good points and bad points, but with a bit of TLC they would make perfect skirmish tools for me.


Also, the VCRA has now come in, which restricts, but not completely eliminates legit skirmishers from buying new guns, a major victory indeed, however i've also noted the increase in "if i import, do i avoid so, so, so an so" answer is quite simply NO.


It's a stupid thing to do, and you risk time in the slam, so be sensible and stay within the law (if your 18 or above).


Other shenanigans, well college was good, new assignment, such a doddle for me as it's to do with computers, and it's an easy assignment to do, i mean what is it lately with these new fangled assignments, they're getting easier by the minute, i thought the idea behind college was to learn new things to help you complete your assignment on time (or earlier by my self implied standards), but no the kids from school want em easier, and then complain when i walk away with Distinctions galore!


Still, last day today for the half term, so i can be sure of a good sleep the next week.



Shall update after half term!









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