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Send in the CLONES

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WHY do people insist on buying clone guns? If they're awesome internally, they're *suitcasey* externally, and never seem to work. If they're awesome externally, then they're *beep* on the internals. People need to get it through their skulls if they want a truly amazing bit of kit, they need to BUILD IT THEMSELVES. Then, if it doesn't work, the only person they can complain to are themselves, because they were stupid enough to think that they could do it on their own, instead of blaming the shop and shopkeepers that their gun isn't working because we sold them inferior products. IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT YOU DECIDED TO SPEND $140 ON SOMETHING WE TOLD YOU WOULD BREAK QUICKLY INSTEAD OF $250 ON SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN DROP ON A ROCK AND WON'T DECIDE TO BECOME A GIGANTIC PAPERWEIGHT.

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