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Aha an update!



So, an update is now.


A busy two weeks of coursework, and 5 finished assignments to show for it, alas there done and out the way.


Well, what else has been going on in the past 2 weeks, well aside from college and the usual coursework skedadel, i've been making more time to see people, go out and do what men normally do.... when they go out.


Now, talk about spreading the love of all things bacterial but, c'mon spreading the cold about is really taking it too far, and during a time when i had alot of coursework to do, really does take the *beep*.


And also now getting to grips with this new fangled "Windows Vista Home Premium", .. it's good, and it works exactly how i want it to, best bit is, i managed to squeeze it into a very tiny tower, well hardly a tower, more like a media center type box thing.


Coupled with a 19" monitor, not bad for £350, yes you might be wondering what the specs are, but rest assured it isn't the latest Quad Core, 8800GTX, a gazillion mega watt consuming PC, infact it's quite the opposite, specs are as listed below:


Intel Core 2 Duo E2150 2.0GHz


Intel GX3000 graphics (Who needs to be flash eh?)

DVD-RW/CD Burner


And a 19" Screen, infact it's so good, i even have a remote for it, so i can watch TV on my computer, but that will be for later.


Not bad for £350 eh?


So, whats new (Or not new) in the technology world today then?


Well, for starters Sony have released the first ever LCD TV that is as thin as a 1p coin, your joking? i hear you say, nope i'm not, but it is only released so far for the Land of the rising sun.


Panasonic have taken Plasma TV technology to the next level, by introducing a 103" screen, yes you read it 103 INCHES, and it's high definition, imaging all the latest games on that!


Also, the Iphone has been released, whilst it is a pretty impressive little package, it unfortunatly falls foul of the compatability issue's of 3rd party software, something that the Windows Mobile based devices punch on, aside from that, the Iphone has some cool little features, easier to use keyboard (Which as a PDA user, can be a god send sometimes), So what can the Iphone do in the way of business and Office work? .. well i heard that an office was also built in, but whether this will be compatable with MSES (MicroSoft Exchange Server) we shall see.


Also, floating around on the Microsoft website is 2 little packages i saw, one to rival Apple in the graphics department, and one that is a new version of Windows Server 2003SE (And having been trained thus far using Windows Server 2003se, CCNA), i'm beginning to wonder whether Windows Server 2008 will address some of the issue's with Windows Server 2003se, such as the Active Directory being too complicated to navigate around, of course for a new person getting to grips with Windows Server.


The second package is Microsoft Silverlight 1.0, now having not used this OS i was skeptical at what it could do, but after being demonstrated it in the college, it gave me some insight into web development, and how Silverlight could eventually take over Apple in the graphics department, on the grounds that Silverlight can take hordes loads of graphics software that will make Apple fall flat on there face.


Now, Tablet PC's, my god are they a god send of the bulky laptop, simply flip the screen over, and you have it touch screen, what a fantastic idea, and retaining normal OS's, compared to Windows Mobile, for example, the Tablet PC i currently use within the college for my course, runs on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, wireless enabled, fully touch screen, and also has a touch screen QWERTY Keyboard, for those in the know, this saves considerable space when the keyboard folded underneath. However, there will be no doubt, Windows Vista coming onto the Tablet PC, but i fear that it has already started.



In all, this has been a busy "technology discovery" for me, learning about new devices, and getting to grips with other software, it's been a busy 2 weeks.


I shall provide another technology update next week, hopefully with new devices, TV's, speakers and latest computer componants.







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