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Reservoir Blogs!



Well the fiesta was lifted onto the back of a flat bed truck and taken away, was beginning to become an eye sore out in the street in the condition it was in.


I still can't find my discharger, pain in the *albartroth*, I rigged up a 12v bulb to substitute for now.


.25g are just too light for 500+ fps, unstable as *fruitcage*. Need to get some blaster .3g.


Got work tomorrow 9-5.. not too bad, usually 8:45-6:30 on weekdays; I don't mind working Saturdays actually, goes fairly quickly as there's more business, can you guess what I do?


I didn't know Men could get yeast infections but there you go? Common in bakers I'm guessing...



My best mate went along to the filming of top gear on Thursday... *beep*, hopefully should see him in the audience when they do the news, and talk next to a Merc - young, very tall, button shirt, scruffy hair, look out for him.



Supposedly the gear mesh in my mate's cooper D is now very clunky from violent changes and general abuse, same thing happened to my fiesta gearbox just before it failed. Nevermind, the cooper is under warrenty. Company cars are made to be abused.



Sainsbury's Taste the difference yoghurts are seriously the best yoghurts ever, very thick and creamy, it's just like sex in the mouth... - tempted?



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