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G&P Pistons



So, 7000ish rounds later with the new G&P white piston at 500fps and not a hitch. I think I've found my new favourite piston, still using TM's in all my other AEG's though. I reinstalled the selector plate just for a burst at 500fps (usually it's single shot only), it was only about 50 rounds, but I wanted to see what the ROF would be like - admittedly it was probably about 25rps, hardly impressive, only a little faster than a stock TM on a large 9.6. Still, who cares, it's back to single shot now, and the important thing is trigger delay is minimal which is what you need in a sniper role. Still yet to get a scope, really need to get round to that, although long range kills with iron sights are possible you can't see the fall of the shot as clearly... even a redot would be more suited than irons. The 4300mah battery which used to last about 10,000 rounds at 350fps now lasts about 3,500 at a guess. Bugger all really, it ran out just at the end of the day on Sunday. Obviously the larger spring saps most of it but I feel the ICS Turbo 3000 isn't the most energy efficient motor in the world, although the massive torque makes up for that downfall. I switched the CA V3 back to solid bushings when I went to 500, at 350 I was using ball race bearings, which run so much more efficiently but at 500 would easily collapse.


Been recommended Guarder .28g, which I’ll get hold of soon along with the scope. Barrel could use a clean too, need to get round to that, and a new rubber wouldn't go a miss.



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