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DB Customs



Man life is pretty good right now. Still haven't decided what I am actually going to build next, but I have finally gotten some long waited for parts in (well tomorrow). DB Customs finally have sent me back my prototype barrels.


I will finally get to fire my Hi Power again. I wish I had been smart enough to write down my fps tests before I sent it out, but luckily the barrels are really easy to change out. I promised Dwayne I would run full tests, with the chrono and at range. I am excited to get to fire my Hi Power, I don't even remember what it was like.


I also have a prototype barrel for the TM Detonics. It is actually the same length and cut as the WE 3.8, but it does require another cut near the front for the barrel centering system. I think that he will probably just start to cut the WE barrels in this way so it will be good for either gun. I hope it lives up the the hype, since I could have bought and installed a PDI barrel weeks ago. Speaking of PDI I have a number of PDI upgrades just waiting for the barrel, so I can put the gun back together.


So many options out there for what to build next. I am still very conflicted on what I want to build. I got excited about a particular build, which was hideously expensive, but incredibly rare and pimp worthy. I might decide on it, but I could build two other guns for the same price. Need to figure that one out soon.


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