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Hard at work.

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So most of the day has been spent taking pictures, writing reviews, and I managed to squeeze some building and tuning in as well. I managed to cure all the firing problems with my Delta Elite, and on top of that I got my client's gun up and running as well. It was a good day in terms of tuning. It turned out so well, he went off and took the plunge to go that last bit over the top. I am excited to see how it turns out. Should be a great one.


I also finished up my review of the Guarder Speeder 2000 Chrono, that one should be up tomorrow. I also got all the pictures, chrono results, accuracy tests and the general layout done for the Sig P210-6 review. When I finish that sucker up tomorrow, that will be three reviews in three days, with a further two coming up this week. It is going to continue to be work, work work. Man I hope ASB takes off. Not that I mind if it doesn't, but I am working my a@# off trying to help build a great new forum.


On top of that I got asked to help out with a new gas gun forum. I really wish I could say yes, join the staff, and get going, but I think I need to really concentrate on a single forum for now. I also want to keep most of the content I am generating in one place, so it doesn't get diluted. I might run into some issues with that when I do more reviews, with guns provided by a manufacturer, but I will cross that bridge when I get there.


I was also crafting an article on fitting RS grips to the TM P226, when I realized I no longer own a stock set of grips. Panicking, I contacted my buddy Romulus to see if he could snap the before shots for me, when he offered to take over and write the sucker as well. Lucky me. Check out his guide here. It came out better than mine probably would have, but my guns are pimper.


I never got around to making my list of guns, I really went to get that down in one place. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance, but I also wanted to get some of the pictures out of the way for a review on the KWA G26C. I can't finish the review until my new chrono arrives (with ROF, nice), but I can get some of the tedious bits out of the way. I kind of think I am going to get lazy and bail on it, but you never know. I also have to go in to my real job on Sunday and bang out some work. Such a drag, but it does pay for my hobby.


New guns are coming early next week. New bits and pieces. Hopefully my can of red gas is going to arrive as well. Nice.


A picture before I go. Here are a few shots I took for my RS Grip article I got out of having to write:




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