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What's next?



Some friends are in for a visit:


WA SVI Std (Magna) - Rebuild and tuning

WE Para - Tuning

KWA M1911A1 Full Metal - Review and let me tell you this is one good gun. Never say WE again




SD Floating Valve

SD POM Loading Nozzle




The SD loading nozzle was purchased from UNCompany, but the loading nozzle has a Dentrinity part number on it....leads me to believe that I am partly correct and Dentrinity and Shooters Design are very close.


So I am going to rebuild the older Magna gun for a friend. Shouldn't be much of a challenge, but we shall see how things go along. I also need to order some parts for it. Seems like the newer magna guns and the older ones do have some differences.


I also got a first hand look at the WE Para. It is actually an amazing little gun. If all WE's were as good as the Para TM should be worried. Great accuracy, good power, good build. Really a great clone gun. Swapped out the WE valve for a TM standard valve and fps jumped 30 fps. I kid you not. Accuracy is still amazing. Check this target, 15 shots at 5 meters. .20 bbs and true rapid fire:




The KWA is the full metal version that has been released for awhile now is a truly amazing gun. I need to do a review of it to post up, but until then let me just say that the gun shot 340 fps average over 10 shots at 67 degrees. Power out the wazoo.


I also have been remiss in not following up on my WA Beretta M92FS build. Finally got everything back together with the Prime slide and actually fit some grips to it. I had it set up last with the black frame, but when i tried to fit the real steel black grips, the grip screw bushing pulled out. Sucked. Got fed up and put the thing away in pieces.


Eventually I got over the ###### and then swapped everything back to the silver frame. Once I did that I chose to take the easy route and fit the stock WA panels. Easier on me, and easier on the fitting. Unfortunately the grips are fairly beat up, but I don't mind (for now). It does let me shoot green and be happy with the kick and accuracy. Right now the gun is amazing, but it continues to make me wonder how it would be with a full Prime body. I might need to bite the bullet soon and stump up for one. We shall see. Until then here is where it stands:


WA Beretta M92FS Inox (SCW3)

Prime Slide

PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore

PGC Loading Nozzle

Guarder Gas Routing

Sheriff Extended Slide Stop

Hidakaya/BeMax Recoil Spring






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