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The Results Are In!

chris u'5


In my previous blog I discussed the trouble I was having with my recently installed Creation slide on my KSC Glock 17.

Thankfully the uprgade parts I had ordered from Un Company have now resolved all the issues I was having.

Prior to installing these parts I had managed to get the pistol operating properly but it definitely wasn't performing at peak performance, I was finding that the slide was locking back but recoil was a bit sluggish and the power seemed to vary quite a bit, I presume the PGC high flow vale is mainly responsible for these improved results as I didn't install the Guarder recoil spring and guide.

I did actually try it but my old problems were occurring when it was fitted i.e. pistol firing but the slide was not locking back. So now I actually still have the stock recoil spring and guide installed! This seemed a bit strange to me as I always seem to hear people stating that the stock recoil spring didn't allow their pistol to function properly but if it works it works.

The pistol is shooting pretty hard and it is much more consistent while remaining accurate so Im pretty pleased with the final results. To finish it off I added a real steel Glock front and rear sight and that about wrapped it up.

The entire process from start to finish definitely wasn't easy but overall I would say it was enjoyable and I have certainly learnt a lot from this experience, Im actually looking forward to getting hold of another Glock and a metal slide just to compare how things go with that extra bit of knowledge under my belt. Unfortunately at the minute the options are pretty slim when it comes to metal slides for KSC Glock 17s, SD slides seem to be sold out everywhere, Creation aren't resuming production of their Glock slides for another 6 months and I can't find any Boomarms slides either so that will have to go on the back burner for a while I think.

So moving on to my next project which is fitting a PGC Springfield Armory kit to a TM 1911. I actually ordered and received this kit from Un Company along with my Glock parts but they sent me the wrong frame!

The frame that was included in the kit was from a Delta Elite kit. I've sent the incorrect frame back to them but obviously its going to be a while before the whole learning process can start again :D

I will keep you updated with how I get on.


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It's strange how your luck has been with GBBs. First you had some issues with the Creation kit which most report no problems with, then you get the wrong frame for your 1911 which is very strange as well.


As for the recoil guide rod when I installed a G&P kit [which was pretty poor overall] on a KWA G17 about a year ago, the recoil guide rod included got the slide sticking back all the time. The stock one didn't do that - turned out it was the little buffer piece on the stock guide rod that made the difference.


Perhaps for your next Glock you should try a TM, simply for the sake of having one of each. Although the cycling can be picky on those so it might not be the best thing if the luck you've been having remains! Seems you've done fine at fixing these issues though. :)

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Thanks for the comment RSP, its much appreciated.

I have actually been considering a TM Glock as you said even if just for comparison.

As with all the TMs much more upgrade options seem to be available so I would love to explore the possibilities.

In regards to my luck it has been pretty poor recently!

The error with the PGC kit was a strange one as the kits are obviously packed by PGC so it was their error and not UN Company but still pretty annoying.

I didn't mention it but I had another issue with the Creation also. I really don't know how it happened but when I was just putting the finishing touches to it a screwdriver slipped out of my hand and scratched the slide slightly!

It wasn't major damage but at the time it felt like the end of the world. After all the time, effort and money I had put into it I was left pretty upset. I know people say they suffer from O.C.D. when it comes to their guns but for me O.C.D. is a genuine problem that affects all aspects of my day to day life (I think I might have the wrong hobby!) No matter how hard I try these small things really affect me.

But after I slept on it I felt a bit better and managed to cover the scratch with some model paint (I was actually pretty pleased with the results)

After all that had happened I did feel like throwing in the towel completely as I always seem to run into this kind of trouble but after I took some time to get away from everything I feel much more positive and I am looking forward to the next challenge.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :P



I forgot to mention what I think was the real problem with this pistol.


I was having a good look at the metal outer barrel and stock inner barrel combination when I noticed something.

With this combination the inner barrel didn't look like it was sitting in place quite properly as the hop up adjustment 'teeth' were slightly protruding, it didn't look quite right.

To compare this I inserted the inner barrel into the stock outer barrel to see what that combination looked like and sure enough there was a slight difference. With this combination the hop up adjustment 'teeth' were sitting just inside the outer barrel.

I looked at the inner barrel again and it seemed that the small rubber o-ring that sits at the tip of the inner barrel was stopping the inner barrel from pushing into the metal outer barrel correctly.

My inexperience shows here as I have no clue what that part is actually called or what its purpose is! I decided to try removing it anyway.

With that rubber o-ring the inner barrel was able to slip into the metal outer barrel just enough so the hop up adjustment 'teeth' were sitting just inside the metal outer barrel.

I tried firing the pistol with 10 BBs in the magazine and the pistol seemed to shoot without any problems and the slide locked back when the magazine was empty! (the stock recoil spring was inserted for this test)

I repeated this process about ten times and the results were the same each time i.e. pistol operating properly.




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