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More parts, more problems.



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More parts came in for various projects. First up is the Vickers Tactical mag catch for KSC Glocks. Made by TangoDown the things i pretty much indestructible. Easy drop in fitment (unlike some airsoft pieces) and it has a nice beveled pad which just feels better, as well as a slight extension to aid in actuation. Pretty cheap too ($15).






Vickers Tactical:




I still have a two-tone BoomArms Schuey slide for this sucker but I am far too lazy to actually get around to fitting it. The stupid legs on the outer barrel are way out of spec, and the slide to barrel fit is so tight you need to remove the BBU to fit the barrel in. Too much work, but I will get around to it sometime, sooner or later that it.


Lots of new Western Arms pieces are showing up as well.


First up is the RS Larue Tactical / Troy rear folding sight. Set to A2 specs, it is a great rear sight, often the one that all others are compared to.




Easy installation, it drop right onto the rear rail of the WA. In truth it fits a bit tightly when folded down, but nothing worry about, and I will be swapping to a metal receiver when they become available. Very, very nice piece (especially with the free gift) and with a lifetime warranty, it is worth the rather significant price.










The other piece that arrived today was the VLTOR Low Profile Gas Block. With the new rail system I have coming in, I couldn't keep the stock front sight / gas block. This is a very nice piece which should fit comfortably underneath the rail.




Hopefully the remaining pin pass through in the barrel won't be too noticable since this piece is about half as long. I don't think it looks too bad, but unfortunately the fake gas tube doesn't fit into the real steel piece. Ah well I will either buy a new one in RS or figure something out.




I am probably going to go RS so I can use a mid-length gas tube and push the gas block out some. Right now it is still set up for a carbine length. I will probably buy two so I can also use a mid-length position on my other gun. Speaking of the other gun, man I am at a loss as to what to do. I keep seeing Daniel Defense rails popping up now, and I am loathe to do what other people are doing unless I really need to. I might go 9" Omega, but that is still close to what everyone else is using. I might just go Larue and be done with it, but I have time yet.


I still need to buy the stock for for this gun and at least a new pistol grip for the new gun. Man these WAs are a pile of money if you choose to go real steel. The next gun is going to rock a Larue Iron Dot with a Burris Fastfire. I think that is going to be amazing.


Too many options out there, far too many.


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