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Opening Entry: The start of my new project...



Well isn't airsoft wonderful, it eats away your soul while draining your wallet like no other.....


As parts starting to come in I figure I might as well make a blog of it to log my progress and try to keep track of where this might be going.


The premise is simple, an open-class IPSC style racer based on a TM Hi-Capa 5.1. Doesn't sound that different from many who have gone through the same project, and I don't think it'll be that different. But hopefully as with my 1911 and my Infinity SV I can add some of my personal touch to it, enough to make it unique. As mentioned the parts are starting to come in. But alas no gun yet. First to arrive is Airsoft Surgeon Hi-Capa frame. After the Infinity SV project I am truly impressed by these. Long rails coupled with redesigned sear/striker mechanism means a smooth trigger pull and slide action, all with next to no slack or slop in the slide/frame interface. Next to some truly skillful airsoft gun smith's custom work I think this frame gives you the next best thing. For this project I have again gone with a SV marking frame, with government length dust cover.






In the above pic you can also see my choice of trigger....


What's next? Well the GBB itself should be coming this week. The reason I got them seperately was because Redwolf does not have 5.1 in stock....


I have something special inmind when it comes to the slide and the barrel....multiple options are being investigated, hopefully in the coming month all should be revealed in due time.....


Tune in randomly to see if I've made any progress....


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