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Arrival of the Base Gun...and the sweeping changes...



The arrival of the Hi-Capa was an exciting affair. From eHobbyAsia, the gun came(with an easily removable orange tip), along with the upgraded springs I ordered as well...







Didn't bother to test fire it and soon get down to business. My previous Hi-Capa was a used gun, and I'd imagine there might have been some revision to the design over the years. And sure enough I did find a difference. With my SV kit I've noticed that the slide sits further forward then it supposed to. With some investigation I've discovered it had to do with the design of the Hop-up unit itself. And with this brand new stock gun, the difference was pretty clear...




I am not sure when this change happened, but I noticed on the 1911A1 hop-up something similar exists as well. Since I've decided the direction of this build, and that the relative position between the slide and frame isn't as critical in the appearance compared to the SV kit, I decided to swap the new unit to the SV...



So swapping the AS frame in is a straight forward affair, it requires few parts from the stock gun. The frame came with its own sear, valve striker, and striker spring. The sear and striker are stainless steel, and because of that I am wary of using the stock hammer. Fortunetely from my parts bin I have a KM Headshop Stainless oval hammer, so in goes the used hammer with the new parts, along with the stock sear disconnector and the valve reseting plunger and spring. I had a hard time trying to remove the roll-pin from the stock trigger, to no avail. So I am gonna wait until I can get some sort of a punch for that work. About 30 mins later the gun is reassembled. With a SD Stainless outer barrel, as well as the guarder springs. One of the objective for this build was to evaluate the feasibility of using the stock plastic slide due to its lightweight. Come next week I'll bring the slide to a mill to see if I can trim more weight off the ABS slide....Should it gets f-ed up completely I have a spare SD OPS-MRP slide around I can use....


At any rate, at this interrim period, this is what it looks like now....not much difference I don't think...






This gun right now shoots very nicely. Crisp blowback and smooth trigger pull, and the power and accuracy seems very good. Consider the mods to this gun rightnow(minus the frame I guess) is relatively minor, I think its a solid testiment to the base Hi-Capa's performance. It is not until I shoot the SV Hi-Capa back to back til I realize the satisfying metallic "clank" the metal slide adds. But for a race gun the plastic slide might be the answer. Can't wait to try it out with the light weight BBU and modified ABS slide...


Next wait will be longer I think, just placed order for the slide, barrel, comp, and BBU today, I don't expect to get them for a while.......until next time...


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