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Polite welcome back?

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Well I dunno, been off Arnies and the airsoft scene in general for almost a year thought i'd come back on here (re)introduce myself only to be accused of being some random in disguise (kidscotland?) and then have the thread locked. Bloody charming <_<


Update: Ok after speaking to a member on here turns out this KS was a bit special and had a thing for dramatic 'i'm back' returns, after seeing his posts I was linked to I find it rather embarrassing to be put in the same boat as that chump. I believe there is a slight difference between his self importance i'm back nonesense and me saying saying hello been off the scene for about a year and looking to get back into it.


Nothing like being made welcome, wish I never bothered now.

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That'll be because there are too many internet heroes about these days ;)


I'd not take too much notice of it !

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