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Progress must be made!



How long should a blog entry be? I mean, obviously there's no actual defined limits, but is there a sort of convention? Is it considered not-cricket to write lots of short entries? Will people not take an interest in your blog if they feel it's more like a status update? I wonder. Considering the nature of airsoft and building guns and skirmishing, it seems to me like a paragraph or two and maybe a picture would be the sorts of things you'd put in, as your builds progress and you go out to games, but perhaps once this feature becomes more popular these things will be discussed further and I'll get some answers. It strikes me that we have the status updates which could be used for very small 'hey, look what I got' sort of things, but then you're limited to maybe 10-15 words there and no images, so I think I'll be continuing to look at this blog as a sort of 'extended' status update feature.


Anyway, as for the actual news itself, all the plastic hardware parts for the current project have just gone in to the post from the states travelling this direction, a couple of minor parts are also (slowly) on their way from Airsoft Global, although the tracking for that particular package is proving to be awful, "The package left Hong Kong for its' destination on the 13th of October" does not help me all that much. Is it on some kind of solar-powered plane that takes days to travel any distance? If that one goes anything like it does last time, after waiting a fortnight or so I'll query the order with AG who will submit a form to the post office who won't reply to it for another 2 months or so, the package will turn up around 3 months late at which point I'll have won a dispute with paypal over the order and AG will then try and get the money back off me. Though, fingers crossed it won't work out that way.


Luckily I have also done some maths wrong (in a good way (for a change)) and I'm currently much more flushed that I was expecting to be at this point, so that should mean more gucci optics for the guns I'm building. If the 1-4x Elcan thing was out I'd be all over that but sadly not, so it's a toss up between a T-1 and a Comp M4 aimpoint at the moment, then again might just get both...


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