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And so it hits, a lovely lovely import taxes bill from FedEx this morning. I actually can't even remember off the top of my head how long ago the guns turned up, suffice to say it's a fair old while. Their speed of shipping is great, the tracking system works great, they get things through customs incredibly quickly, even 2 WA GBB rifles which are about as close to the RS as you can get short of a de-act, so on the major criteria that you'd judge a courier by they're pretty awesome really. The system they currently have implemented for getting the letters out to inform you that you owe money however is pretty ######, no two ways about it.


I shall continue to use them as they have managed to sneak things through without charges a couple of times, something TNT never once managed after using them for every order I placed for probably pushing 2 years of airsoft purchasing; they're also a hell of a lot better than using EMS/HK post/Speedpost that many retailers offer as their only option, because once packages sent via that get to the UK then royal fail get their grubby hands on it and you're in to a world of excessive charges, annoyance and waiting.


That aside, I'm now left in the situation of going home for a week, for the first time in over 2 months, and having not a penny to spend, when usually my wallet is more secure than a Vegas casino vault. Annoying, but I am hoping that the very large shipment of RS magpul parts currently winging its' way to me will at least slightly ease the pain.


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