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After over 2 days waiting in UK customs, the box full of RS magpul parts from the states has finally passed through. Bit of a tense moment there, the actual items themselves are perfectly legal to buy within the UK and obviously they're not made here but you can buy them from Midway UK so they must be ok to import, but US retailers reckon they're ITAR restricted so quite lucky I had a 3rd party to help me out on that front.


Had a bit of bad news the other day, in that the 4 GHK magazines I had been planning to use for all my WA based weapons from now on do not fit in G&P receivers, so I've got two of the 'Gen 2' G&P WA mags on the way and we shall see how those fare. The last 2 G&P ones I ordered from redwolf were caked in grease on arrival and both leaked green gas from the release valves, so fingers crossed between this new purchase, the 2 mags that came with the 2 new guns and the other dodgy ones I'll be able to piece together a load-out's worth of serviceable magazines. The order from WGC containing said mags was 'out for delivery' both yesterday and again today but no sign of actually turning up which is weird and confusing, but I'm pretty sure UPS will still deliver over the weekend so shouldn't be a problem. Lord knows what possesed me but I also couldn't resist putting $120 worth of replica Elcan Spectre scope in with the order, totally pointless as I already have not 1, but 2, 4x ACOGs, but it'll look gucci at least. Also on the optics front decided to pick up some more stuff from DragonRed since they do good scopes with awesome looking trades, those should look pretty sweet on top of the new project guns.


I've actually of course ended up over spending by a fair amount and with the FedEx import bill for the actual WOCs turning up over 2 weeks late my bank account is getting worryingly close to the big fat zero, so anyone out there please do cross your fingers for me that these 2 incoming packages won't get taxed in to next week.


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