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Done. (mostly)



Well, I flew home on Saturday and have been working on turning the massive pile of boxes full of stuff that greeted me, in to some sort of correctly assembled set of airsoft weapons. it's been a bit of a pain sufficed to say, as per usual with any airsoft project manufacturers standards of tolerances and dimensions have been off here and there and not everything just slots together as it should; although not having bought anything ACM for this project has lessened that particular headache to some extent.


I would have like to blog about it each day as things progressed with pictures etc, and that was that plan. But between the huuuge amount of time that the actual building has taken me and the fact my girlfriend and family to want to suck a lot of my precious time away from airsoft (how inconsiderate of them), that wasn't possible.


Anyway, the project is now put together (externally at least), whether the assembled weapons will shoot satisfactorily, or even shoot at all, remains to be seen; and shall be investigated, hopefully with videos and more pictures, in the coming days.


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