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I can do maths me



Copied this over from the 'Pistols' thread in general discussion, since it got a pretty positive reception I figured it's worth putting up for the folks that haven't been in to that thread, bit of an analysis of gear trends for some airsofters, in graphical format:




A. Starting off, AEG with hi-cap/couple of mid-cap mags, possibly a very basic rig.

B. Continuing to purchase more guns and gear, MOLLE creates great potential for loading up more and more pouches with more and more junk, 20mm rails does similar for weapons.

C. Weapon now has a GL, VFG, Bi-pod, laser, light, PEQ, leaf sight, suppressor and box mag, gear has gone a similar direction, trying to walk is difficult at this stage.

D. Becoming tired of lugging a battalions' worth of ordnance around, the player gradually cuts down as they gain the experience to know the things they do and don't need.

E. Going for the opposite extreme to their heaviest kit, now cut down to a very bare bones rig and one extremely light, compact weapon to maximise freedom of movement.

F. Feeling slightly under-equipped on occasion the player adds on a few more items but at last reaches a general steady level of equipment, with slight fluctuations as time goes by and 'cool' new products are released, which eventually prove surplus to requirements


On the new purchases front, after spending all my money moving bases last month and then all the claims I'm getting back off the raf going on christmas presents there's going to be a distance lack of new guns until the new year sadly. On the other hand, I feel that to optimise my game and my enjoyment I do every few months need to take a step back from the new weapons and actually put some money in to the magazines, upgrades and other accessories that I'm going to need to run all those nice new guns in a way I'm happy with. I've always been one for equipment compatibility, if I invest in any kind of new platform I'm going to at least 2 guns that use those same magazines/batteries/MOLLE gear, my general philosophy when turning up to a skirmish day is to bring 1 set of LBE/Magazines and 2 guns that'll work with that equipment. So say I'm bringing a TM SOCOM, it'll then be my other SOCOM, a rig that takes 556 STANAG mags and the set of magazines itself; if I brought a WOC it's another WOC on back-up, the set of mags for those, supporting gas equipment, appropriate rig, etc.


Anyway, just done my bi-annual fitness test, ran to level 9-10 on the bleep, which translates to 1660m in 9:31, not bad for doing about 3 fitness sessions in the last 6 months, heh. 30 press-ups and 45 sit-ups each within a minute, not great so will be working on those, now I'm finally living in England I'll be getting a lot more skirmishing in (along with TKD and general phys) which should all help.


Right now though I feel like a 50 year old pie munching chain smoker, so I shall stop typing there. God...


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