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Night time antics - part. 2 (child safe entry I promise)



As promised, after re-ripping the mini-DVD with a more reliable (and waaaaaay more slooooow) program and doing the editing, the second part of the lights/lasers video:




I did turn up the brightness, and the actual light being kicked out by the various devices is substantially brighter and more effective than the video shows, but that's the issue with recording at night without fancy gear.


On a separate note, kudos to TNT today. The package containing my 1911 carbine kit was showing as being held at Stansted customs "Awaiting Clearance Instructions From Receiver". My initial thought was they'd mistaken the kit (only a part and therefore not illegal to purchase under the VCRA) for a RiF, so rang them up expecting a very long series of 'press 1 for bla bla bla' but was highly surprised to get through to a human being after about 2 rings, on a free number. Very impressed.


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