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Videos, bloody everywhere



In a random bout of freak filming, after much blood, sweat and tears spilled over converting about a million different video formats in to something that's actually useful, I've ended up with a fair bit more stuff on my YouTube channel. No one's watching it, I'm not sure why, perhaps I should just cheat and put 'call of duty' in the tags, but I refuse to stoop to that dishonest level frankly. I like to think they're the sort of videos that folks on here would find interesting though, so here they are in all their standard definition mediocrity.


First off, firing some tracer:




Rather limited by being in my garden on this one, will definitely need to try and film something similar at a skirmish site one day and blat some long bursts off up in to the sky. But anyway, next up, I totally fail to show any differences between 2 different things in a test related to GBB pistols:




Then I took my highly upgraded FPG out in the cold and it toally failed to perform:




And finally I decided to stick to something I am slightly good at, and sit in a chair and chat about magpul bits:




A good HD camcorder with some kind of slow motion capture ability is going to be the very very next thing I buy, before any AEGs or accessories or gear or *fruitcage* all. SD is dead, it looks rubbish, trying to work from mini-DVDs that hold weird recording formats and are just overall unreliable was a bloody huge pain in the *albartroth*, and the quality of the end recording wasn't even any good. So since I firmly intend to be making a lot more stuff over the following months (living 2 hours drive from my gear now as opposed to 11 is a bonus) the camera research has begun in earnest. Since I'm looking for my first car as well now I foresee myself getting extremely bored of reviews over the next month or two.


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