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Stuff. And things.



Favourite phrase of an old mate of mine when I was up at Lossiemouth. Sadly he's a civvie now, but he was a really fat bugger who despised fitness tests, so perhaps the military wasn't the best environment for him. 6 years of being in the raf while we were in Afghan and he never got deployed, that takes some skills; though perhaps it's more of an indicator of how randomly deployments come around, I've been out of training and eligible to go for over 2 years now, and despite repeated pleas to the chain of command and getting put on 'the list' twice, I'm still yet to be issued my MTP and malaria tablets. Ah well, my time will come I'm sure, long as it's not the bloody Falklands, that would hack me right off.


Anyway, airsoft wise at the moment I'm in a very dry period when it comes to purchases and it's frustrating me. When I was based up in Scotland I did have to send everything I bought back home and would arrive there on leave to an enormous pile of new stuff every couple of months, but that was ok as at least I did have the money to buy stuff. This time of year however is frustrating me, to explain my usual purchasing 'cycle' as it were, I always buy things in the last week of the month, because airsoft is what most of my pay goes on (just say no kids) and that way, I know that even if I'm down to 0.00 in my account it's at worst a couple of days until I get paid again. This month however, contrary to the standard, it's been a long time since I got to buy anything due to the fact I pre-empted the slow down in delivery times around Christmas by making my December purchases during the first week of the month, but now of course I have to wait until the end of January which is basically a 2 month wait and twice as long as normal, very annoying.


Adding to this frustration is the fact that even though I can't allow myself to go buying stuff, now that I'm posted here to Honington, station standing orders are different and I'm actually allowed to store RiFs in my barrack block room, where I couldn't before. As well as the fact that I can now go home to London by car instead of flying, so shifting guns and large items of gear is actually a possibility, moving airsoft gear in any quanitity by air is basically such a pain in the *albartroth* it wasn't worth it; AND I now have the skirmish site in Tuddenham practically on my door step where there was nothing up near Inverness, AND unlike Lossie there's actually other people here who are in to it, whereas up there on a Fast Jet base you got ripped in to for even mentioning webbing or DPM for being a 'wannabe rock ape' (RAF regiment). So yes, the impending purchase of my first car and a few new guns is going to drastically improve my airsoft life. Just a 2 weeks to wait... (on the airsoft that is, going to take a good month or two to decide on a car).


Original reason for this entry however was based on something I mentioned earlier, despite ordering it all many weeks in advance, I still wasn't early enough and some of the items I bought in December have only just turned within the last week (after I came back to work following my christmas leave), and because I mistakenly put faith in any potal system/company to get me my things while I was on leave, said items are now at home instead of with me here. But such is life, I'm sure I'll be re-united with it all soon enough, on with the pictures:




Finally the 1911 HERA kit is upon me, the buffer tube fits, I've got plenty of spare M4 bits lying around to deck it out, my TM MEU destined to go inside it is all upgraded with a nice PDI 6.01 tightbore and working smoothly, just a case of getting my hands on it to.




RG ATS warbelt to replace my RG ATS warbelt, because the current one's a medium but when I put it on my hips on top of another belt and trousers there's quite a big gap in the front, so upgraded from a medium to a large, to be paired with the warbelt insert my very nice girlfriend got me for christmas. BFG 10 speed pistol pouch to try out, hoping it's as good as their 5.56x45 mag pouches; and my first ever bit of multicam MOLLE, can't remember who made it but it'll be sitting on top of 3 HSGI Tacos on my GBBr specific rig.


Apart from a few other airsoft-related-but-not-gear-or-guns things I'm trying to sort out now, it's on with the internet browsing for the next week or two desperately trying to decide what would actually be a good thing to buy next. At the moment I'm entirely clueless, anyone who feels like commenting on any aspect at all please, please do.


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