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Above *ALL* else: Personal preference



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Since this is a subject within airsoft I feel extremely passionate about, I'd like to copy here a post I recently made in this thread:




After a few people were bashing certain platforms of airsoft weapon, and basically taking a "it's my way or the highway type view", which is something I despise in general but specifically in this hobby of mine, I decided to do a little bit of writing:


GBB rifles fulfil one' date=' and only one, important purpose: The closest thing to a real firearm you can get while shooting 6mm BBs and not having a hose hanging out of your pistol grip. That's it, fact; I love shooting real assault rifles and I do it quite often, and my G&P WOCs get me as close as I can get to replicating that experience on the skirmish field, with lots of options and scope to customise, because that's another thing I personally enjoy.


Classics are far better performers, yep, totally true. Thing is, some people don't want the air hose, and if that's their choice then constantly going on 'oh but your gun could be sooo much better running from this tank of air' just gets annoyingly repetitive. We know that, we just don't care because it's not what our personal preference is, and if you're not going to be allowed to just do what you feel is fun in this hobby, then airsoft has instantly become entirely pointless and lost all sight of what it's actually about.


Classic GBBRs and normal AEGs are the best choice if you want the very best accuracy, range, RoF, consistency, reliability, etc etc etc. But personally, I find normal AEGs down right boring now-a-days, and classics are a bit tricky to get hold of compared to every other kind of gun with limited choice of weapons/upgrades/accessories by comparison. They limit your gear options a bit (I'm skinny enough as it is, I've got no room for yet another MOLLE pouch) and for some people that hose is not something they want. However, whoever amongst you out there isn't fussed at all about those down-sides and loves the realistic recoil, the AEG mag compatibility, the cheap running costs, the lack of cool down, the potential for amazing range etc, then awesome! You absolutely crack on and do what you enjoy doing, I wholly endorse such activity; but for goodness sake can I please turn up to a game and have that same level of respect and understanding for your personal choice reciprocated? Is that actually too much to ask? If so, I'm selling all my stuff.


The new EBB guns hit a very nice middle ground in my experience, and for the winter months it's what I plan on playing with from this point onwards. I already own 2 Marui SOCOMs, I will be getting the new SCAR and the G36K in not too long, because they're brilliant fun, take big capacity magazines and normal AEG batteries, all with a bit of kick and bolt-lock; basically everything your normal AEG does for you on the field with some GBBr features and no worrying about cool down. Fantastic compromise.


Yes, for the brand new player a normal V2/V3 type AEG that's old and familiar is the best way to begin, but if you're past that stage and you know what you want out of your airsofting then decide for yourself and then start asking more specific questions so people aren't going to do the usual "that's entirely the wrong platform to buy, use one of these instead". Those other people aren't you, never have been and never will be, they don't play your field, they don't know your budget or fully understand your likes and dislikes. Look at every option and make up your own mind, for everyone that slams on Magpul Industries/Dynamics, regardless of whether your like their products, they've got one of the best, most relevant philosophies to airsoft I can think of: It's all about what works for you.[/quote']


Something I'd like to draw specific attention to and add regarding the magpul dynamics comment, is that some people out there might have seen the DVDs and be thinking "well Costa always seems to be telling students that 'this is the best way to do a specific task", and if you don't really look at it from a different angle that's quite understandable. However, when it comes to certain aspects of firearms manipulation and usage, within certain narrow parameters (it's a big old world and lots of things can happen) there are sometimes methods and ways that just plain are better than others, with the huge caveat that everything is subjective in this life and nothing is ever THE best.


As an example, I was watching dynamic shotgun just recently and the female student was reloading her Remington M870 using her right hand (right handed shooter) to inster the shells while her left hand remained on the pump. This is a classic case of a method that would generally be referred to as 'wrong' and be justified, because it's been battle proven by so many different nations for so many years now that using your non-trigger-pulling hand to reload your magazine is, by comparison, much better almost all of the time. So while there is often occasion to fairly say something is better than something else within a certain arena, that's as far as it goes; especially when you enter the world of a hobby where life and death is not a concern and an individual's own way to have the most fun is entirely down to said individual. You can always make recommendations, but you can't always lay down facts about what's best for anyone else when it comes to the more broad and open subjects.

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