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Shiny Hi-Def is shiny



In preparation for the batch of videos I'm editing up right now, and as some practice at YouTube embedding, here's my first 2 bits of work using the Samsung HMX-R10, shot at 720p and 50 frames per second, slo-mo bits beign slowed by a factor of 4. I'm pretty damn happy with the camera considering I picked it up brand new for £220 off ebay. If you can actually manage to find one in stock in the UK, it'll be more like £300-350. I did manage to put quite a substantial dent in the metal casing over the weekend unfortunately but it's still running strong, no idea how it happened but it's put even more strength in my beliefs that Samsung make awesome electronics. Some of you may have also perhaps seen these two in the front page news feed, as the news fairy very kindly added me to the Arnies subscription list, so in future if you want to check out my stuff it should be popping up there and here.






Buying wise, I've just picked up a P226 SERPA holster in OD from G1098 which I previously never thought existed, so quite happy with that. The King Arms Tac. Carbine is looking nice and the plans for the uber-raped AK are slowly building. Though right now I'm just collating possibilites before I make by big monthly WGC order and I'm not sure whether to try and put the M-AK-4 monster together now or focus a bit more on putting together gear and MOLLE pouches. Trying to supply yourself with enough kit, consumables and guns at one house is hard enough, trying to do it here in my block room as well is proving rather tricky.


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