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Long time no musings



I havn't updated in a while since I was dropped right into the thick of three important coursework essays at once just after I got back from London. Thankfully they're finished and handed in now, with only one more essay and a bit of coursework still to go. So today I decided to take a break and get my head together after a lot of late nights, fast food and stress.


As you may have noticed, George Best died today. I'm in two minds about what to think about this actually. I'm not a football fan and I'm obviously not old enough to remember him when he was a player. It's upsetting that he continued to drink after getting a liver transplant and ruined his second chance, something that few people are granted. Wether or not it's all his own fault, it's still a sad waste of human life. All the same, I find it really *fruitcage* awful that someone p*ssed so much talent up against the wall.


We are all born with talents. They are a gift. Today just got me thinking that people really don't appreciate them enough, and you've only got so long to use them. So today, I picked up my pencils and some sketch paper and got to drawing. I used to have a talent for drawing, but since I passed my art Standard Grade I've been so busy with school and University that I havn't found time to practice my skills beyond the odd scribble. After thinking today about how precious having a talent is, no matter what it is, I've decided that it's better to try and make time. Hopefully I should be able to get my tattoo design knocked out very soon, something I've been planning for a long time.


This may not make much sense or seem to be related, but it makes sense to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter what you're good at - drawing, football, sniping, sticking mini marshmallows up your nose - excercise your talent. You'll miss it when it's gone.


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Very good advice there.


And good luck with all the coursework - not sure how well I could write about that particular subject if you catch my meaning. wink.gif

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