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Project Rhodie: Genesis



A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...


Okay to be more precise it was actually Essex and was late last year but the initial introduction had a touch more class than "Last year in Essex" but that's not the point. I had been looking at Rhodesian history for a while on and off for a while last year as to be honest it's fascinating stuff both from a political sense and a military sense. However it never really went further than looking at photos and looking on Varusteleka for SADF and Rhodie kit and thinking "Oh if only"


To I left it and went off in all my issued kit for games, still refusing to bow down to the RIS that plagues the modern world, however there was still an emptiness inside, one that kept growing. Having finally grown tired of the wearing the same rubbish every weekend I explored some options: French CCE...no I don;t want to eat cheese and surrender isn't high on my list. Hmm all black maybe? tried it and got bored...it just lacked inspiration and still left room for RIS to creep in slowly. So I set my gaze further back to a time of purity....a time without RIS.


And then I found what I was looking for: weapon purity, no fancy kit and lots of leather...plus the added bonus of being somewhat Un-pc at the same time. It was the 1st Panzer Division, Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler! And of course I opted to go for the Panzer crew look. And that was it I thought I had found it, I thought I had found the one rig for me...but I was wrong.


Over the next few weeks I grew hungry for a new loadout, that hunger grew and grew until one day while browsing the depths of the internet (not looking for porn this time) I stumbled upon a picture of a Rhodie G3 rifle...it was love at first sight! So after some digging looking at various webbing set ups I realised I had most the kit for an Africa mercenary loadout and also for a Rhodie loadout.


At last I had found the loadout for me: it was versatile, it had history, it had a real rifle not some poxy M4 and it had canvas webbing....but most of all....it had NO DAMN RIS!!


And so, Project Rhodie was born.


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