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Tum tee tum....



....and the twiddling of thumbs ensued. It's amazing how much time can pass when nothing really happens.


Ghost went to London. Then he came back today. My past few days were basically spent waiting for him to come home, whilst feeling tired, stressed, ill and hungry.


There's not really a lot of content to this entry, just wanting to let anyone who regularly reads it to know that I'm still alive. Also to let off a bit of a moan about the above feelings of ickiness. I seriously need to eat more, I think that's what's been affecting my sleep patterns which has had a knock-on effect on my stress levels, appetite and immune system.


But I'm boring you. Go back to your happy time reading the blogs and forget this ever happened.


PS. Part of my christmas present arrived today, so at least something made me smile. It looked a little like this smile.gif

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Errrr...Hardcore? Sounds a bit like a serotonin imbalance you got there, just an idea but that's exactly what happened to me about 18 months ago.


The 3 key things it affects are Mood, Appetite and Sleep; especially overtiredness and insomnia at random intervals. First thing I noticed was rage-like stress and massive mood swings, go see your GP maybe, it can't do any harm smile.gif


I'm actually on natural meds for a serotonin imbalance problem and without them I can't do my job or, basically, do anything, it's worth a trip to the doc's to prove me wrong, eh?

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