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I'm so glad that's over...



I have no idea how it happened, but that last essay I was talking about in my last update turned out to be an absolute nightmare. I had all the information to hand (or most of it) but still, of the two days I had to finish it I spent about 12 hours of each trying to get it done. Functioning on hardly any sleep is not fun, since I was up half the night worrying about it. Stupid thing. Regardless, I got it done and handed in on time.


I can quite happily say that after the mood swing episodes I've been having of late, I'm starting to get past them now that the work has calmed down for a bit. I've still had a few weepy moments after I got a much worse grade for an english lit essay than I was expecting and was terrified of not doing well enough in my module and then not being accepted for my honours. As I said, I'm getting over it, and hopefully over Christmas this blog will be a lot less emo biggrin.gif


I'm currently planning what to do for my birthday at the end of January, because I didn't do much for my 18th. That should be good, and gives me something to keep my sights on while battling my way through my January exams.


I'm also planning out my holster rig for when I get a pair of micro uzi's, so things are looking up smile.gif


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Ahh, but you have a blog, see, you must be a bona fide emo; you've probably even got a picture of yourself for your avatar on internet forums, that's sooooooo Emo.





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One tip on essays, never send them to Hissing Sid. He'll tear them apart with no remorse, and you'll feel like ######. tongue.gif

In reality, I feel your essay writing pain. I'm generally quite good, but my most recent has ended out to be horrendous. Whole paragraphs that were almost completely incoherant. Oh college, devourer of my intellect!

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