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AJ Birthday shoot - The Bunker CQB

Event details

Right, Its my birthday on 16th March, so we're gonna have the 15th March (Sunday) as my birthday game :D

The regulars know what this means - BALLOONS!!


Tie 100s of balloon's to me, have me run around the bunker, everyone vs me, full auto, players get no regen, i cant call hit or return to safezone, and game aint over until all balloons are popped! Sound like fun?

Oh, Darren says there will be shaving foam in the balloons too.... :P

Should be a good day and hoping to get a big turn out too. Send this invite to all the airsofters you know of.


Day starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm.


So if you fancy going full auto on a moving target that can only run around or you just have a vendetta againgst me for something - maybe i have shot you between the legs or snuck up on you one too many times then PLEASE come and get your own back on me :D


I aint gonna do this again! Trust me!


If you need directions or got any other questions, send me a message on here or email bookings@thebunkercqb.co.uk


Event will take place at The Bunker CQB, Vange



- AJ

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