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Brit Tac Airsoft with Greymen Security Solutions Ltd presents;


An Introduction to Close Protection.


A unique opportunity to experience the enigmatic world of Close Protection, demonstrated and taught by seasoned professionals.


Delivered across two 4 hour sessions. You will perform the role of a Close Protection Officer dealing with a series of differing incidents.




In the Individual Bodyguard Drills module you will learn how to;

  • Move your principle out of immediate danger.
  • Fend off assailants.
  • Respond to a lethal threat using a tactical firearms response from a concealed carry.
  • Identify and use different types of cover available to you.




In the second module, working as part of a larger Close Protection Team, you will learn;

  • Each Close Protection Officer’s role and responsibilities within the Team when confronted with a lethal attack.
  • How to protect the Principle from attacks from the front, rear, left and right.
  • How to remove the Principle to a place of safety, overcoming the attack and thereafter reforming the Team in a safer environment.
  • Close Protection Fieldcraft.


At the end of the session the Instructors will deliver an overview of Close Protection work and answer any questions you may have.



Who are Greymen Security Solutions Ltd?


Greymen Security Solutions Ltd draws on experience gained from working within and alongside Her Majesty’s Special Forces as well as from Law enforcement that includes working in hostile environments. We possess a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Close Protection World. Our staff have taught Close Protection to literally hundreds of students, domestic and foreign, and are still active in the Close protection arena.


Between us we have protected most of the high profile members of The British Royal Family, British Prime ministers, US Presidents, high profile politicians, “A” list Celebrities from the U.S. and the U.K. We are passionate about what we do and the credibility, depth and quality of our experience is difficult to match elsewhere.


What we will be delivering to you is exactly the same as what we practice and teach on our SIA Courses.


This is an introduction course to the world of Close Protection for High Risk VIP’s, and will involve some physical contact.



These costs are not a reflection of the quality or content of the course, you will not find anything similar at these prices. These prices are “mates rates” and a one off to us!


£40 for the full day for the first 10 (£15 deposit by paypal required to ianvanoorschot@brittacairsoft.com)


£45 for the full day after the first 10 (£15 deposit by paypal required to ianvanoorschot@brittacairsoft.com)



To book simply send your deposit to ianvanoorschot@brittacairsoft.com and state your name and AGE (17 and over only)




Brit Tac Airsoft Sheffield CQB site.

Hambleton House

Exchange Street


S2 5TR


Course starts at 09.00 and Finish’s at ~18.00 plus Q&A

Lunch is not provided and we recommend bringing a pack lunch at it will be a tight schedule and can not be delayed for a long lunch.

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