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ITC M4 Range 2

These two are from an M4 range I did the other week, just to show you that West Point Cadets don't only sit on our asses and do homework, some of us DO take the initiative to do some Army s**t.


Oh and if anyone asks why we're resting the magazines on the ground, it's the new style of marksmanship training in the US Army which, I might add, works damn well, since I was getting 3 inch groupings at 200 Meters which is supposed to be mechanically impossible with our M4's (3 MOA at 100 Yards, so roughly 6 MOA at 200 meters or so) and I was able to keep that same grouping in a standing position, as did most of my fellow cadets, at the same range.


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That's a complex answer. The entire US Army is beginning to remove iron site training in favor of CQC sights and/or magnifying scopes and the M68 at the moment is the most commonly used and easily acquired sight for units. This next summer training will have the entire entering class of West Point Cadets training solely on M4's (I was "lucky" to be the last class to train on the M16).

In the context of the picture however that's a specially M4 shoot for a shooter's club I belong in here at the Academy. As of right now there is only roughly 100 M4's on post, and their all the older A1's with standard handguards. In the next month or two actually we will be getting front line units' old M4's with Knight's RIS's and possibly full auto versions... I hope.

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