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Small man or Big cup?

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another reason why British airsofting is much more attractive to the average airsofter...

they have bigger cups for their pre-skirmish beer

And who says the Brits don't know how to have a good time??


Here, let me test this to make sure it's pure *chug chug chug*, hold on, I'm not done with my test *chug chug chug* *hands the empty mug back* it tasted alright, so it's okay to drink... *staggers 10 feet away and falls over*

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Hissing Sid,


Not only have you come up with the mother of all captions IMO, you have also given me a fantasci line that i shall use for the rest of eternity.

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Oh, hi 1st Sergeant! No Sir, this is not an alcholic drink and no you can't have any. And yes sir, I will be happy to be in my service dress in your office at 0700......

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Uh... Dave? What exactly have you put in this water? I'm seeing orange juice with wires coming out of it, and No Exit signs over solid walls.

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