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    I'm here to bore you with more H&K pics.
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    So... I heard we are on a H&K thread. I have some H&K stuff. KWA gbb fresh from this morning.
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    Good lord that's one long boi. My contribution: maximum P L A I D
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    SLR B15 now properly suppressed :). Non-suppressed will use an AAC Blast Shield (that's still on back order :()
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    I was told there would be pestilence... #MakeCuringGreatAgain #Impeach05Council #NotMyPlague
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    Hi, hello mmmmm hi... it's me again.
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    New products teased on TM's site - Glock 17 Gen4 GBB (Previously announced last year) - FNX-45 GBB Black version - Ruger LCP GBB (most likely)
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    Yep, another Glock boring photo.
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    This is how we used to mount the PEQ-2s. Australians have different mounts also.
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    My life hasn't changed much either. That isn't inherently bad, it just means that the people I care about are almost all online friends so the way I interact with that hasn't changed. I don't really like people or the outernet so being in the house is fine to me. You seem to have a lot on your mind, look if your boss has made you do a new job with no training that essentially absolves you of any responsibility for mistakes. I find that makes me less stressed. If I mess up, it's their fault for not training me. A fact that can (if necessary) be argued in court. I hope you find something to enjoy, a little something to look forward to. It's out there, don't close your mind to that possibility.
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    A bit of progress, I only swapped from a chest rig to a plate carrier last year to make use of specific armour rules at a couple of milsims. Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    After seeing what WE did with their CT25, anything's possible. That mag is about as big as a Bic lighter but manages to squeeze out 30+ shoots.
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    Well, the thing with MTFs is that, it's not even likely there is one unified standard equipment for all of them. There are LOTS of MTFs, and every single one specializes in a certain field. Yeah, there are these tacti-cool squads taking on missions that place them on the level of SEALs or SAS, but there are MTFs whose members won't have to shoot at someone in their entire life, for example Gamma-5 (thier task is to supress any public knowledge of Foundation or SCPs) or Theta-90 (who are basically really hardcore high-level mathematicians, investigating events taking place in unstable topologies, different spacetimes and so on) MTFs are created and disbanded by Foundation all the time, there are certain MTFs created especially just for one SCP or Group of Interest (GOI) and when the threat is neutralised (and all needed intel is collected), members will just be moved to some other squad and whatnot, with said MTF being officially disbanded. In airsoft we try to replicate those tacti-cool looks, and that is why I think the best MTFs for this should be: Eta-10 "See no Evil" Epsilon-11 "Nine-Tailed Fox" Nu-7 "Hammer Down" (I picked the ones with known patches, so they can be added to the loadout, there are lots of combat-oriented MTFs otherwise) If we take into consideration what little we can see of the most modern military equipment, and that we are talking about Foundation here, I think it is safe to assume the equipment of these squads is at least superior to SEALs (Operation Neptune Spear variant). I am not even talking about MTFs like Tau-5 (humans embedded with machinery and flesh of a fallen god equipped with experimental weaponry, yes, you read that right) here, since those would raise the average "loadout" level pretty quickly. But, these MTFs most likely don't go around in their top-level loadouts when they are on a guarding duty, site overwatch and so on (well, at least Nu-7 most likely doesn't, the other two mentioned could potentionally, since they are one of the most elite of the combat-oriented MTFs, with Eta-10 being "the hunters" of SCPs (it's likely they were the ones who captured SCP-173) and Nine-tailed Fox being the ones who Foundation sends when sh*t really hits the fan on-site) That is why most people who choose to replicate these MTFs take loadouts of SEALs or Spetsnaz and then edit the visual accessories. It's kinda sloppy in my opinion, just sticking a patch on it and calling it a day. But that is their business, I am in no position to tell anyone what to do with their loadout (and, essentially, their money). In case it's picking yp your interest; List of all MTFs: http://www.scp-wiki.net/printer--friendly//task-forces-complete-list Not all of it is really comprehensible, since it's more of a preview list of all of them, if you want more information on certain MTF that picked your attention, follow SCPs and events associated with them, which are listed right next to the said MTF. You can find all available logo patches under the 'Show list of MTF logos' section, it's the last one on of the options list. List of MTFs which are greatly expanded upon (these are the ones with most information on them): http://www.scp-wiki.net/task-forces P.S. Sorry @sandstormI know I have sent you this as a message already, but I wanted to add this for clarity of the thread, in case someone who also wants to make SCP-themed loadout finds it some time later. Might as well just make a stand-alone thread for that, maybe I will try.
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    Actually, I'll stick with my H8R Mk2 revolvers with their adjustable hop-up, no shells, quick to load 10 shot "full moon clips", ability to actually be suppressed, and railed for mini-red dot (or scope) and weapon light. I know they dont really exist in real-steel, but they are very very good.
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    The metal in these things just oxidize too quickly to hold up to much handling and only part I leave in "the white" are outer barrels and that is after serious work with emery cloth and various levels of stainless steel wool. However, I do bead blast all surfaces before I do spray paint. I've done a PPQ slide that I first removed all the "white warning labeling junk" that appears on the versions sold in the USA. It came out quite good and the semi-mat black paint has held up pretty well ( I did 3 light coats over 3 days). I am starting to wear marks on some edges, but not on the larger flatter and rounder surfaces. Naturally the parts that drive me crazy the most, are the thumb safety, grip safety, main spring housing and slide release/slide stop of 1911's. Naturally these are the parts that I just cant get to hold a finish for any significant period of time. I suppose I could bead blast some stainless parts, but I'm not big on stainless parts on blue/black slides and frames. Silver barrel and trigger is just fine though (its a "me" thing I guess).
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    Best info for camo suitable for your own location would be looking at what your armed forces wear at home. Same stuff might be hard/illegal, but it gives you the idea of the colour ratios to look for. Going for some exotic camouflage pattern can, indeed, be a pain with getting the whole set to match, since helmet covers in particular tend to be hard to come by. They are easiest to do yourself, though, if you can get the fabric from somewhere. I'd be a bit more inclined towards the olive drab than coyote, at least unless oyu can see in person how light the coyote actually is, but either should work in your environment, as long as you don't do too large patches of one.
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    I vote coyote over olive. Maybe have a watch of some of the Polenar Tactical videos on YouTube and see what kind of gear they run. They're in Slovenia but might be close to what sort of environment you have.
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    Forgot to update but I found the issue and it was my fault. I misjudged how the gas release valve works on the magazine. I put a small teflon where the o-ring is and then put the rubber on thinking it would help sealing. Well it did in a way it restricted the gas flow to a point it made the gun unable to shoot and since I did it on most of my magazines I didn't think about it at first. Oh well. Also we found out that the propane we bought was something else as even Marui guns had cooldown issues by now. It's annoying that I didn't think about it sooner I needlesly tried to repair my WE MP7 when the only problem was the gas. Bah.
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    I've used KJW G17/KP13 pistol magazines in my KJW, WE and TM pistols, so just get some of those and you should be fine.
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    Some oldschool tools, because what a boring day it is.
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    Got a new Real Sword Type 56. Did not like how shiny it was...
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    Desert Eagle. I think the release of their Desert Eagle re-peaked my interest in WE. Before this I had also owned TM Desert Eagles with Creation and Guarder kits. The full length travel of the WE version pushed me into purchasing. Out of the box it is not a bad performer but I knew it could be better. Internals: Aside from a strip and lube with minor tweaks, I replaced the HOP rubber with TM and the inner barrel with a 6.02mm tightbore. This has given me more range than the standard set up. I also cut the recoil springs down to make it less sluggish and improve efficiency (I am using green gas). Externals: On occasion, I felt minor straightening of some lines was necessary (I am super fussy and was getting them Cerakoted anyway). Initially I wasn't that keen on the matt black finish as it almost made the markings look feint but with a wipe and buff using Superlube oil it looks much better in my opinion. I do still have one with a standard black finish. The fit and finish is generally good. Tolerances are fine and on the whole the design seems sound. Better materials and quality control is always preferable but that comes at a price. Yes, sure; it is an impractical, big old clunker and the same can be done in a smaller, more efficient package but I just don't care because I like them. How much? 🤣
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    [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk

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