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    TM next-gen recoil with working converted aeg Lancer L5 magazine, comes with 3D(ish) cosmetic rounds, locks open on last round etc.
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    Made a clone of the KAC short rail without spending $100 and having to get around ITAR
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    Had to visit the wife's friends on in Hastings today. Went for a walk on the "beach", the weather turned. Went to a charity shop, bought a fleece, wore it all day and stuck it in a charity clothes drop off bin. Fleece rental - £6. I feel all ethical and *suitcase*.
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    So, I didn't really like the grips on my new KJW P226 - looked and felt plasticky. You can get this stuff called Plastidip. It's basically a spray on rubber coating. I gave the grips 4 light coats and a final wet coat. The grips now not only don't look like plastic, they don't feel like it either and much more grippy. The picture is a bit pants, I'll try to get a better one tomorrow. Also, I've used a faux wood finish a few times to good effect and has a few advantages. 1. You don't have to buy wood grips 2. On TM's you can retain the grip weights, so not making the gun lighter by fitting wood ones. 3. No fettling to make them fit. I did this on my TM US M9, but don't have any pics (I may get some tomorrow). In the meantime I've attached a pic of a Umarex 586 which I did it to.
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    No edit makes me sad. Let's try again.
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    Finally got round to watching "The Expanse" and I'm hooked...
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    Open for criticism on my new loadout. 12/10 would operate with.
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    Meanwhile I feel like a sneaky *bramston pickle* finding a Splav m23 chest rig for 75$ shipped stateside just now. Appears to not be the current models being sold for silly prices elsewhere too. Does it make sense to have one having just bought another vest? No, but I got "super overtime" hours starting Tuesday and I feel like burning money out of spite. I believe it falls under the "ooh, shiny thing!" motive, but more like "ooh, old condura thing!"
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    It was there but disappeared a couple of years ago and was replaced by an Alvis Stalwart and some sort of jet fighter just parked next to the paintball site. I started the thread asking about the Stargate many years ago and now drive past that area a few times a week. Jim.
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    Hmm, I'm pretty sure that Stargate on M6 was mentioned in this very thread years back, because I recall seeing the discussion about it.
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    Long time no see. While im still here i might aswell post something. One of my latest build, a Zastava M70AB2. Base out of a LCT AEG and added real parts from a real gun i shopped down to a legal parts kit to bring back home. A nunchuck battery is hidden and custom fited in the lower handguard. So that the real bolt carrier can be racked. Instead of listing whats real and airsoft i made a pic, simply showing how much it is. All real parts are genuine Zastava, used in the balkan war. For more posts, check out my page Real Fake Guns FB, Youtube and Instagram
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    Thanks again - worked a treat mate.
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    Strange how most/many things look better when they're wet.
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    Little bit of an update. I bought a second Desert Eagle, this time in black, and swapped a few parts around. I also used a bit of Tung oil finish to liven up the wood grips I previously had. So, here are a few things I've noticed, having two guns to compare: -The magazine catch profile I mentioned at the end of the previous page is a design flaw. Fixing it is straightforward, just use a steel file to make the angle at which it engages the incoming magazine a bit shallower, then polish with sandpaper. Leaving it stock means it will take significant effort to slap the magazine past the catch, which will cause peening to both the magazine and catch over time. -On both guns, the hop adjustment screw felt like it was bottoming out before I was getting any hop. This is, again, an engagement angle problem. It hits the hop arm at a very steep angle, so instead of pushing it down, it just gets stuck. I removed the grub screw from the hop unit, filed the end of it to a shallower profile, and again used sandpaper to polish. Upon reinsertion, it got to the point where it felt like it was bottoming out (when the screw contacts the arm), but after another full turn it engaged properly and deflected the hop arm. -The hop bucking has been mediocre on both. Get the Maple Leaf, and might as well get a new barrel while you're at it. The Maple Leaf Autobot (60-deg) bucking and Crazy Jet 6.04 (138mm) are perfect, and cost me all of $43 shipped from WGCShop. Whether you keep the stock barrel or get a new one, shim it with electrical tape so that it's snug- there's a bit of play by default. -Buying a low-power nozzle from KY Airsoft was a waste of time; they sent me another full-power one. To reduce the FPS, glue a piece of tubing into the front of the rocket valve to reduce its inner diameter. This restricts the flow without causing backpressure like the restricter disks, so you get better gas efficiency and a slightly quicker/harder cycle. -The thinner Alumagrips (left) make the gun easier to carry and fire one-handed, but the contours of the KSD Grips wood grips (right) make supporting the weight of the red dot sight easier. The KimPOIShop grips fit well, but they look a little toy-like compared to the KSD ones and haven't stood up well to use. If you're looking for better grips and willing to do a minor bit of work (just a bit of filing), I highly recommend the Alumagrips. That's all for now.
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    The Warminster one is in the middle of the woods. You can't see it from the road.. DBS cert printing means you'll be fine through the checks, they'll take an age to post it though.
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    Stupidly long barrelled Desert Eagle too - How could you miss that out?!?!?! Cheers.
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    With regards to the 416 grip on a WE AR, I suggest you boy the real thing: http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/61431412.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61431412/Products/100223

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